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Male Body Types

different Male Body Types
different Male Body Types

Different Male body types

If you are thinking of doing a gym or doing a gym, then it is very important that you create this target, which Male Body Types you have to build. If you did not target your favorite body before doing a gym workout then you will not be able to find a body of your choice.

Inside India, 10% of the boys work out their work by making their favorite body in their gym, and they also have success in their targets.
The remaining 90% of boys exercise without choosing their targets, even their gym coach, without knowing the targets of those boys, are all one and the same as exercise and one diary, which is absolutely wrong. Male Body Types
The gym coach also needs to know about the body of his choice from every boy and then to see the boy’s body structure, then decide his workout plan and daily diet routine.
We can work out the gym and design your body in 3 types.
  1. Fitness Body / Modeling Body
  2. Muscular body / athletic body
  3. Heavy size body

1) Fitness Body / Modeling Body

Fitness body or modeling body is said to the body, in which there is no extra fat on your body, nor does the stomach out. It is the purpose of keeping the body in the fitness body or keeping fit.Male Body Types
what are the male body types
what are the male body types
Inside the fitness body, someone has abs and does not belong to anyone. Inside the fitness body, actress and model people come. Male Body Types
example: Akshay Kumar, Ranbir Kapoor, Jet Li etc. as an Expedition

2) Muscular body / athletic body

Muscular body athletic is said to the body in which your body size is medium and the muscular body is beautiful too, and as well as beautiful, the cutting in the muscular body also blossoms. Male Body Types
mens body types
mens body types
Due to full cutting, there are clear abs in the muscular body. Muscular bodybuilder finds more names in the bodybuilding because bodybuilding has more value of cutting. The musical body athletic body comes in actor and athletic bodybuilder. Male Body Types
Example: Hrithik Roshan, Arjun Rampal, Ulysses, lazar angel etc.

3) Heavy size body : 

Heavy size body is said to the body in which your body size is heavy or sturdy. Cutting in the heavy body reduces, and abs are not too quick to clear, due to which heavy body is less beautiful than the muscular body. But heavier size body t-shirt or clothing is more preferred than body type

Male Body Types
Male Body Types
Inside the heavy size body, Bollywood stars Salman Khan, John Abraham, Indian bodybuilder Sangram Chougule and WWE superstar John Cena etc.
So through this knowledge, we wanted to tell you so much that, before you work out the gym, in your mind, you have to figure out which type of body you have to build. And accordingly, carry out workout plans, and diet routines.
By doing this, you will also be able to create your favorite body and will be able to get quick access to the body.

1) Fitness Body / Modeling Body

If you want to make a fitness body or modeling body, then, first of all, make this target in your mind and go ahead, that you have to keep your body fit. Keeping fit means that there is neither bad fat in your body nor you are thin.

The goal of making a fitness body is that your body is fit in every way. So that you can do the normal work of every type. Before making a Fitness Body, it is very important to see that you are thin or fatty and fat. If you are fatty and obese, then you have to race in the morning to make a fitness body. There is no best exercise from the race to stay fit.
But Jim Workout is also important for getting your body shaped into a modeling shape and to stay fit.
Exercise cardio 15 to 20 minutes before exercising at the gym, but if you apply the lace, then no need for cardio exercise. Exercise cardio will make your body warm up and your body will come out in the form of excess fat sweat.
After the exercise of cardio, you exercise yourself with the lightweight at the gym. 15-20 rep removed from each set.
Less fat and excessive rape will end up the fat of your body and pay more attention to the gym’s machines than the free weight because the machines help more than fat reduction and to reduce fat you have to eat one or two times a week Exercise is to take special abdominal exercises. Do not prepare any other Mussels group with fat exercises.
If you are lean and thin, you have to pay more attention to free weights at the gym to make a fitness body and less on the machines. When you take a road or Tumblr cassette in the gym, use Normal Wet so that you can easily take 10 to 12 weights and do not exercise more than 45 minutes in the gym; Because with more exercises, you will screw or end your muscles made.
To make a fitness body, you have to exercise for 3 days a week, but if you do exercise for 3 days a week, then you have to exercise the mix in which you can take 2 to 3 sets of every muscle. If you have exercised today, then it is important to take rest on your next day.

Diet: fitness body/modeling body

Now let’s talk like that you have a stomach belly on your body and you want to reduce that fat to a fitness body, it is very important to understand that, by doing a gym workout you can reduce your pet fat by now. Are there. But your fat does not grow further, for that you have to follow fully with fat tight. Male Body Types
If you do not follow fat diets then forget the dream of making your fitness body. Even you have to use less carbohydrate in your diet and pay more attention to protein-rich diets. But if you are thin and want to make a fitness body, then you have to pay more attention to protein and carbohydrate in your diet, and unless you have normal fat on your body, you also take Fat Diet from Limit because lean thin Fat is more needed to increase the body faster. Male Body Types
And there is no need to use any supplements to make a fitness body. Because you do not have to be a bodybuilder, you have to keep your body fit and keeping fit is also meant to keep your body fit naturally and supplemented by medicines and steroids. Male Body Types

2) Muscular body / athletic body

You know that the body of the muscle body or the athletic body is said to be in which your body size is medium and the medium size is accompanied by full cutting in the body, due to which the muscular body fitness body and The heavy size is preferred over the body

Now to make a musical body, technik’s muscle body can be made from technique 2.
Technic No. 1
You have to gradually gain your size in the form of muscular size, this technique takes little time to build a body. But this is a best and legal technic.
Technic No. 2
You have to increase your size first, after that you have to reduce your larger size and change it to muscular size. With this technique, you increase the size quickly but it becomes very hard to change the shape of your muscular size.Male Body Types
To make a muscular body through technic number one, you have to make some changes to your workout.Male Body Types
  • Exercise 6 to 7 types in the gym. In which the 3 exercises of the start should be of size gain and the subsequent 3 exercise cutting should be done.
  • Take up to 3 sets of exercise gain and take four to five sets of cutting exercises.
  • Setting the cut you have to take with slow speed.
  • In every set, weigh such weight so that you can remove 10 to 12 reps easily.
  • Do not take more than 45 seconds gap between your sets while exercising and finish your exercise in 45 minutes.
  • Exercise the same muscles group in 1 day,
  • Exercise your every muscle in 6 days in the week and take the seventh day for sure.
  • Change your workout plan every third month
Diet : Muscular body / Athletic body
To make a muscular body, you will have to feed more and more proteins to eat as much as possible to consume protein. You can also use the supplement protein for this, here you will be able to help the body cuttings so that you can take good supplements of anybody.Male Body Types
It is better to be dependent on supplements. Try to do more and more protein intake in your diet with the help of natural diets so that the cutting will be made faster in your body and it will last for a long time.Male Body Types
3) Heavy size body :

There are some tips for making a heavy shape body that you have to follow. If you have to create a heavy body, do not miss this 3 exercise. Let us know what is the exercise that helps us in creating a shaped body.

  1.  Bench press (for developing upper body shape)
  2.  Dead-lift (for all developing body )
  3.  Squats (for developing upper body part)
  1. This is all three exercises that load the whole part of your body. So take these weights in these exercises as we can easily exercise. And definitely take at least three sets of these exercises. In this, you have to remove 6 to 10 repairs in your every set with your helper.
  2. Increase weight in each of the exercises and reduce the repetition.
  3. Exercise 5 to 6 types in the gym and finish your workout in 30 minutes.
  4. Because your exercise begins to fall as long as you exercise Take 2 days a week to rest.
  5. After heavy workouts, take 8 to 9 hours of sleep. Otherwise, due to fatigue in your muscles, your muscles will remain stiff and you will not be ready to work out the next day.Male Body Types
Diet: Heavy size Body 
If you can not take an AB diet after heavy work out in the gym then your body size will decrease instead of increasing. So pay attention to your diets too
In the diet, you eat half a kilo of milk four to six eggs two bananas a glass mix fruit juice One or two apple ground one bowl oats a griddle gram 100 grams of chicken or fish in your diet and try to take more and more protein in your diet & Try taking more protein-rich diets.Male Body Types
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