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MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer

muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer

MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer

As you know MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer is a popular bodybuilding supplement in the market every bodybuilder know about this MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer supplement.

we have given some points that you can understand about this supplement, we have described everything about this protein.

    • MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL is an acute muscle mass-booster formulation (protein-to-carbas ratio 1: 3) Recommended for active gyms
    • MuscleBlaze supplies Mass Genner XXL 60. 7 servings and 177.8g complex carbs (daily dose is recommended) in 3 servings
    • A mixture of 6 slow and fast anabolic proteins to ensure consistent supply of proteins to build muscle in the body continuously
    • The essential amino acids present in the supplement and 27 important nutrients help in relieving muscle fatigue after exercise
    • Digestion digestive enzymes and added fiber proteins help improve digestion and absorption

Product Details

Taste name: Chocolate | Size: 5 kg / 11 lb
Item Measurements: 28 x 28 x 26 cm; 5 kg
Item model number: 8906067021045
First date available on Amazon.in: June 19, 2015

Product Description

Taste: Chocolate | Size: 5 kg / 11 lb

New Reform MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL 6.6 lb Chocolate is a mass gain formula that helps you to be big and muscular.

High-protein mixtures with complex carbas in the Mulsblaze Mass Gner XXL 6.6 LB operate with digestive enzymes and help bodybuilding enthusiasts.

Blended with 6 different protein types, MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer XXL 6.6 lb supplies essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids, which speeds up serious weight training, recovery.

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From Manufacturer

MuscleBlaze mass geneer XXL for rapid muscle mass development MuscleBlaze Mass Gainer Series is the right choice for muscle body replacement.

Our unique blend of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins gives you the right to develop large muscles.

High Calorie High Protein Mass Gainer Series is a stop solution to achieve more muscle – it has the right amount of more proteins, more carbs and other nutrients, so you don’t need to take another supplements.

muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer


  • 31.5g per serving high quality multi-source protein
  • Issue 6 fast and slow protein sources
  • 100% Vegetarian Sources
  • DigeZyme added, digestive enzyme helps in improving protein digestion and absorption
muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer

High performance sports nutrition

MuscleBlaze is India’s leading sports nutrition company which focuses continuously on the quality and originality of our products.

Founded in 2012, MuscleBlaze has rapidly reached the top and has become synonymous with authenticity, quality and cutting-edge performance at an honest price.

All these materials, pure processes, and guaranteed authenticity, which comes with every product, have become possible due to our strict adherence to the net source.

MuscleBlaze empowers its customers to verify their purchase through SMS using a unique non-duplicate code with each product.

Certified status of HACCP art plant, with our raw materials being sour from all over the world and the creation of FSSAI; We ensure that our customers eat nothing but the best health supplements.

muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer
muscleblaze mass gainer

What Else?

Our taste buds are trying to refresh the supplementary drinks so that you enjoy the drink as you enjoy the workout. Complementary is available in three exciting flavors – Chocolate, Cafe Mocha, and Vanilla.


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